The development of DC10plus

Stephen Dodson, National Director of DC10plus, reflects at the end of the conference on progress from the original winner-takes-all challenge idea to a much wider network.

Including everyone in the event

Stephen Hilton, of Connecting Bristol, set the tone for our reporting of the event: we should help everyone at the conference fee that they can be involved.

The social reporters

Dave Briggs and David Wilcox reflect on their experience reporting on the conference

European Commission work on digital inclusion

Miguel Gonzalez-Sancho, Deputy Head of Unit, ICT for Inclusion Unit, European Commission, presentated at the conference and later provided a brief review of the Unit’s work

Progress report from UK online centres

Peter Farrell and Julie Mitchell, on UK online centres stand, were able to provide an update on work over the past year. They felt there was a much greater appreciation of digital inclusion issues in Government and private sector.

Is digital divide too narrow?

Journalist Michal Cross wonders whether it is sensible to consider the digital divide in isolation.

TWIG in Brighton

Paul Tilley and Malcolm Constable explain the TWIG project in Brighton

Kevin Carey

Kevin Carey reflects on progress on inclusion and accessibility over the past 10 – 15 years.

Update from the southwest

Julie Harris from Cosmic and Martyn Warren from the University of Plymouth says there’s lots happening in the South West of England

Update from Nottingham

Phillip Lovett of One Nottingham took a moment while waiting for lunch to provide an update on developments in Nottingham